Tuesday, May 6, 2008

3rd Gift From Heaven

A long awaited birth.
5 years after his sister's Sarah.
Alli Izzette Presley was born on 31 December 2000, another selective birth.
Alli, after his maternal grandfather's name.
Izzette, a Turkish footballer.
Presley, well your guess is right, none other than the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.

...Alli Izzette Presley Sitorus...

The epidural delivery has given me the satisfaction of hearing my first baby's cry, cries that denied to me from the previous births.
Tiny yet unmistakenably male despite the confirmed scannings (typical case of seeing is beliveving), the first male in our family of 5.

To be able to have a replica of my soul mate has been my life's ultimate desire, a burning desire that was religiously kept hidden.
During my quite moments, I would talk to Alli, caressing him while he was in the womb, whispering these sweet words, "be like dad, handsome, strong and wise".
He did not fail me and 7 years later this Sitorus is becoming more and more a smaller version of his dad.

...the junior Sitorus is a dead ringer to the senior Sitorus...

Alli, your birth has made us whole.
Our knight in shining amour.
Guardian of your sisters.
You will carry our name and will continue the family's legacy to the next generation.

...2 generations of the Sitorus...

A heavy burden.
A challenging responsibility.
We are confident you will undertake this responsibility like the true Sitorus you are.

After all my son...
...it's in your blood.


Jordan Sitorus said...

My love and pride...the light of my life. Hope to be a good dad and able to guide and assist all of you to walk thru life. Hope we'll be reunited soon and live a better life...like Alli use to say...like a real family...I miss each and everyone of you!

chegu carol said...

Awwwwwwh...when your son is able to understand this special dedication for him..i'm sure he'll be one proudest son of the Sitorus generation.

This entry touches my heart.

melbie said...

*sob sob* So touchy lah this one ... :)

tapi kan.. panjang juga nama c Ali tu... adei.. sengsara dia nanti mau isi borang, panat tu tangan menulis :)

p.s: taru ba chatbox disiring, ni blogspot buli tu :) byk widget buli taru... sinang sia melimpas hehe