Friday, December 2, 2011

Bornean Bald Laughing-Thrush (Melanocichla calva)...the unexpected find

I wanted it from the first moment I laid eyes on its illustration in the first edition of Phillipps' Field Guide to the Birds of Borneo. Such an ambitious wishful thinking on my part I guessed. I mean, who wouldn't. Wouldn't you?

Given of its rarity, I told myself "never know". Well, I told myself that all the time. My sort of confidence booster I guessed. I would sometimes told my hubby that I'm just gonna root myself at my favorite spot and let the birds come to me, hahaha. Lazy, no. It's just that my feet sometimes refused to obey my command.

And the "never know" situation greeted me unexpectedly on my recent trip to KNP.
An unexpected find on a chillingly windy day.

Its red beak was so distinguishable even from a far. I was just lucky enough to get record shots of it before it disappeared.

Like I said, these are just record shots.
This translates to...
I need to meet up with this fella again to get better shots.
And again, like I said before...
"never know" ;)