Saturday, May 3, 2008

2nd Gift From Heaven

Born selectively on 4 April 1995, Sarah was delivered via a C-section at a private clinic.

Selectively coz we chose her birth to fall on the same date as my birthdate.
We were hoping for a boy but instead God bestowed us with another beautiful female addition to the Sitorus clan.
Nur Sarah Maria, named after one of the prophet's wife and Maria after her great-grandmother from her paternal side who died while she was still in the womb.

...Sarah Sitorus @ Kakak Adek...

When she was little, people would sometime said that her features are typical to that of a Dusun-Lotud's.
But then again, she did come from a mixed parentage, a mixture that blossomed over time.
She has grown up since, the quite one in the family, a total opposite to her older sister.
This lethal combination will give you a constant free showdown of eruptions of emotions and characters.
The clashes of these daughters of Sitorus are a sight to beckon with and one of our life's joy.
It is said that the more you fight, the more you bond together, the bondage that will ultimately pull us through in this mortal life.

As we celebrate our special day each year, it never ceases to amaze me that 29 years later I would be blessed with this beautiful creature, another gift from heaven to be loved and cherished in our lifetime.

Sarah Sitorus, my beautiful daughter, may you embrace life gracefully, come what may, just like your mum did.


Jordan Sitorus said...

My love and pride...the light of my life