Saturday, August 16, 2008

Like a baby...

Alli was just 7 months old when hubby was transferred to Sandakan. That was one of the darkest period in our lives.

On mum's advice I kept one of hubby's t-shirt unwashed. According to her, the preserved smell of the unwashed clothing would be handy should baby Alli yearns for his daddy. I did just that, let Alli smelled his daddy's t-shirt whenever he gave the abnormal cries, the non-stop crying that you would know instinctly over time as a result for that yearning.

I still remember that advice.
I still do it today.
Not only for Alli's sake.
For my sake as well.

Just like a baby, I would smell hubby's t-shirt.
I would inhale his smell.
I would inhale the residue of his sweat.
I would inhale the residue of his perfume.
As deeply as my lungs would permit.
To feel his presence.
So that I would not forget.
So that I would remember.
Sounds pathetic, isn't it.
But it serves its purpose well for me.

Hubby could not take leave on this school holidays.
Hubby could only take a week off after the school holidays.
That is fine with me, as long as he stays longer with us.
Beggars can't be choosers, they said.

I hope next week will go off in a swift.
I hope next week will go off in a blink.
I hope next week will go off in a jiffy.

Coz I am running...
I am running out of smell...


Anies Azeera said...

.. berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikul..
but percayalah, "Good Things" will come to those who wait ... patiently.

Zaiton Yunus said...

...yup...patience...good old best buddy nowadays...patiently waiting for the good things to come...

Jordan Sitorus said...

There are times I let my mind fooled by watch & listen to you and the kids as if all of you are only in the other rooms...

momoi said...

andu bah.... sia paham tu.