Saturday, July 19, 2008

Not easy...

“Kau ok la Ton, anak-anak kau sudah besar” is a phrase that would often be thrown at me whenever the topic of kids came up. A popular topic among our small community at the office.

The ladies really do not know what they are going to be into eventually. Well, let me tell you these ladies. Bigger means literally just what it meant. Bigger.

A bigger set of predicament.
A bigger set of requirement.
A bigger set of…..well, everything.

When they were small, you’re the Queen that controls everything.
You cooked one dish, everybody would happily eat it. No question asked.
Now you have to prepare three different type of cooking for one dish.
“Udang masak kicap” for mum “udang rebus kunyit” for dad and “udang goreng” for the girls. Oh, and don’t forget, a none udang dish for Alli.
Or sometimes you would get this response, ini saja ka mum?

When they were small, you cloth them identically. Cute la konon, sedondon.
Now one would choose the feminine-in-thing type of clothing.
The other one would choose sporty type of clothing.
Sometimes you would choose something and received, not my type mum? Duh!
Or something like, macam orang tua ja.

When they were small, you would choose the school’s stationeries for them looking ever carefully over the price tags.
Now they happily choose them to their heart’s desires.
Now they happily just chunked them into the basket mummy dearest carry.
Not bothering to look at the price sticker.
No bother at all.
Mummy dearest will take the tab.

Sometimes I would put my foot down.
Sometimes I would just let it slide away.
Sometimes I would hesitantly compromise.

You would win some…
You would lose some…

So ladies…
I do beg to differ…